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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, a different kind of ground delay at sfo, the taxi driver protest. >> a house of worship attacked by men armed with weapons overnight including axes and we are learning several americans are among the dead. live doppler hd shows a clean sweep across the bay area at this hour but meteorologist mike nicco says that is about to mike nicco says that is about to containing. >> mike? i will show you my version of live doppler hd and i whited out this system. you can see the area of low pressure on the left side of the scene with the cold front. it is 320 miles away from us. today. dry. increasing high clouds.
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temperatures are mile. the temperatures are not coming back and we have two more chances of rain after tonight. the umbrella is ready. be careful on the roads. the oil building up. coming to the bay bridge toll plaza it is going to take you approximately 15 minutes to make it from the maze to san francisco and we have southbound nimitz at 16th where we have a stalled big rig blocking a lane with the traffic in the northbound direction. thanks, leyla gulen. a starting revelation about the police force in the largest city, san jose ises thering officers so fast it can soon be at staffing levels not seen
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since the 1980's. matt is in san jose with more. matt? the san jose police department has faced many difficulties including mass resignation and retirement and it was hoped hiring more officers would fill the ranks but filling academies has been difficult. the san jose police department released a report ahead of the city council meeting addressing the staffing and the trends in the crime stats. it reveals the difficulties the department is having hiring and keeping officers and employees in the communication division. resignations have slowed for the record breaking numbers seen in 2012 officers are still residing at a rapid rate at three or four months and hiring is not as planned with a goal to have 45 recruits per academy but last full academy had only 20 graduates. right now there are 962 street ready sworn officers.
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that drops july 2015 to 908 and 884 in july of 2016. in three years it drops to 862 street ready sworn officers. the police chief will discuss the trends and crime at the city council meeting today. >> that is correct in san francisco international airport is back to normal after gridlock caused by taxi drivers. 300 cabs circled last night making it impossible for others to drive into the area. they protested the recent domestic deals with uber and lyft who get certain advantages that the cab drivers do not get. from the middle east, self americans are among the dead after a deadly attack in
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jerusalem. four people were killed. a dozen others were injured. two men armed with a gun, knives and axes attacked a jerusalem synagogue. video shows chaos. secretary of state john kerry is responding. nick has the latest. we have been following this all morning. some images are troubling. israel police call this a "terrorist attack." two palestinians killing four and injurying eight as they prayed. israeli police slot and killed after the deadly of the attack in six years in jerusalem. the two men are cousins and members of the front for the liberation of palestine. the two palestinian men entered armed with a pistol and knives and attacked worshippers in the middle of prayers.
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israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu pledged to respond with a heavy hand and accused palestinian president abbas even sighting violence. john kerry spoke during a trip to london. >> people come to worship god in the sanctuary of the synagogue were hatcheted and hacked murdered in an act of pure terror and senseless brutality >> radio reports describe this as martyrs and hamas praised it calling for the continuation of revenge operations and stress israeli occupation bears responsibility for tensions in jerusalem. palestinian president aback has condemned this attack but no one has claimed responsibility. from the national football
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league, minnesota viking adrian peterson has been suspended without pay for the remainder of the season. he was indicted for felony child abuse in next after three whipped his son hard enough to leave scars. the league has been cracking down on domestic abuse which began early this area with the suspension of ray rice for punching his then fiance into unconsciousness. loved ones remember a blind man killed by a driver in oakland as loving and generous. he was struck and killed last thursday while in a crosswalk and lost most of his sight when he suffered a heart attack. mourners gathered at the center for the blind last night. his mobility help instructor said he was smart and driven and does not let the visual impairment slow him down. >> i live three months from
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where he was hit and i saw him walking a month ago traveling like a rockstar, confident. i was floored to get the news. he is 47 and was headed to the mosque for prayers. an account has raised $7,000 for the family. we have the link on our website at san francisco school district is taking a stand against gun violence and tonight the board of education consider a resolution calling for the district to support gun control policies, communicate information on gun buybacks and gun safety practices and the resolution would expand lessons of the class program of violence prevention. in is after violence involving san francisco youth. the oakland city council will vote on an, spank project for the zoo and will
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creating a ride for hillside attracts. groups have raised concerns over the attempt to spread into the park saying it would reduce public open space. >> if you have not checked wipers during the early storm systems you may want to do it this week. we will see how many more hours meteorologist mike nicco has meteorologist mike nicco has before the rain. 53 in milpitas is the warm spot. and mid-to-upper 40's in other neighbors and it will be a colorful sunrise. you can send us the pictures and those perks that i treat tweet out give great views.
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we have a 38 in danville the cool spot with fairfield and lafayette at 46. from our exploritorium, the winds are still out there like they were yesterday over most of the water, gushing around 10 or 15 miles per hour. by noon, around the low-to-mid 60's, increasing clouds and just clouds in the evening but milder than yesterday at mid-50's to low 60. on-and-off showers tomorrow and rain on thursday and friday. >> an accident westbound on the bay bridge at treasure island and it looks like one lane is blocked and i will look at that in a moment but we have a look at san jose and the drive along 280 approaching highway 17 is getting busy and we are moving alongç with more light. southbound is empty and the rest of san jose has in delays but 101 headed between the 280/680
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split to the nimitz and you are at 63 miles per hour along 280 and the drive is fine highways 85, 17, 87, no throughs. now delays through morgan hill at 43 miles per hour, not too bad through gilroy. we have a stalled big rig we have a stalled big rig blocking one lane. statewide amber alert was lifted for a 14-year-old boy but it was a hoax. >> police in ferguson, missouri, and outside missouri, are on an alert. >> a big upset on the familiar because of the lady cardinals.
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>> say hello to spencer christian in concord for the abc7 "give where you live," food abc7 "give where you live," food drive from 4:00 to 7:00
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, bay bridge.
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this morning, a central valley teen at the extra -- extra of a statewide amber alert is facing charges after faking his abduction. two men were said to have taken the man but hours later at 8:00 p.m. the sheriff held a news conference and announced the boy was found in stockton and said he made it up, the story of the abduction. authorities trying to put together what happened. the 14-year-old is facing possible charges. >> the fbi is warning of the possibility of extreme protests cross the country as the nation waits to hear whether a missouri police officer face charges in the killing of an unarmed teen. the f.b.i. warns the decision will likely lead some protesters to threaten and even attack police officers or federal agents. missouri governor declared a "state of emergency," and
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activated the national guard ahead of the grand jury decision on whether to indict the officer in the shooting death of michael brown. "good morning america" will have much more on this story coming up at 7:00. the midding begins in earnest. will pablo stay? that is the question. the bidding begins for our star third baseman and free agent, pablo sandoval meeting with the red sox today arriving in boston yesterday where a local sports reporter caught up with him and tweeted that sandoval was excited to be in boston to meet where the red sox and will go out to try to land him. the giants can match any offer in five year and $90 to $100 million range. he has said he would hike to remain -- like to remain a giants. >> the stanford women's past team is supposed to be in a rebuilding year.
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adon't tell that to the number one team in the country, the university of connecticut, uconn. >> last night with the 49er coach in the stand, jim harbaugh they stopped the 47 game streak and the gale was sent interest overtime and the go ahead jumper with 1:38 remaining and stanford was too much ending the defending championship huskies 47 win streak was ended with 88-86 victory. >>ing for leak an underdog win. >> they are ramped "six," in a rebuilding year? wow...good for them. >> a that feels good. >> congratulations. we have been sitting to find out when the rain will arrive.
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>> do you want me to do math, again? 21 hours and...43 minutes working those brain muscles. right now you are a genius. >> i don't work them very often. thanks. we have a dry offshore wind and you and see with our winds less than ten miles per hour until you get over the bay water and they are around 10 or 15 american. san rafael and we cars are head the southbound away from us and headed toward golden gate bridge with no fog to deal with. look at the high clouds from our next system and it will be a gorgeous colorful sunrise in the next hour. by the afternoon the clouds fill in and our last mild day is today. a great day to get outside and get the yard ready, everything else, gutters, for the rain. turn off the sprinkler system. you will not need it. we are going to have a chance
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wednesday through saturday with dry pattern returning sunday and the mild temperatures do not. everyone is in the low 70's in the south bay and milpitas is 69 and upper 60 to low 70's on the peninsula and the cool spot is mid-60's along the coast to the north bay coast and upper 60's downtown south san francisco through the north bay valley to cloverdale and california story and upper 60 to low 70's along the shoreline into the east bay valley temperatures in the upper 60's to nearly 70. tonight, 49 in santa rosa, fairfield, maybe the shown male and -- maybe the san ramon valley. we have a high pressure undercutting the approaching rain with high level and mid-level clouds and we will have low level clouds when we get the dole of dry air saturated after the sun sets through 4:00 and you and see the best chance of wet weather in the in the bay bit end of commute we are all wet. that is the case again at noon
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but notice how it is waves of showers lasting through the evening and we get a break thursday united through thursday morning and 9:00 on thursday morning to noon moving through the north bay to the heart of the bay and noon to 3:00 moving out of the south bay. we will be quarter to half an inch from the first system and we will double that with the system on thursday and we have one more chance of rain on friday night into saturday. from emeryville camera you can see a flashing light a unit that is fighting through the heavy traffic to get to an accident at treasure island westbound 80 over to the bay bridge. we are looking at very heavy traffic and headed away from the maze to san francisco it will take you 25 minutes because of the accident. from right to last it will be on the tar right side. it is causing very heavy delays. certainly traffic is stopped at metering lights because there is nowhere to go the you have a big
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wait there. avoid it if you can. take the san mateo bridge. in word on when it will clear. >> busy over the am pass tracy to dublin 49 minutes when, highway 4 is 30 minutes from antioch to concord 101 to san francisco is quiet from san rafael. name brand tires are well none but what about the lesser then rivals made overseas? "7 on your side" reveals why you may want to think twice about buying the bargain tires. >> a top executive with on demand company is caught up in a readvantage-style plot and would he wants to target. >> weather and traffic through the commercial break and we will the commercial break and we will be right b
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>> owning a car can be expensive especially when you have to buy new tires. new models from overseas promise to save you money. >> are they safe? "consumer reports" partners with "7 on your side" do find out. >> tires from china can cause far less and better known brands and "consumer reports" included
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three of these tires in recent tests and found they are no bargain. they did not earn high scores for performance and one could actually be a counterfeit. >> tires are expensive. "consumer reports" recommends they cause $150 each so this $100 tire from china seemed like a bargain. what "consumer reports" put a southwest the tires through standard tests, they came in at the bottom the rating. these tires did not grip well in snow. they were short as far as tread compared to other models. they made for a rough and noisy ride. >> they could be faked. the company that owns the brand says they have stopped using the chinese factory that made the tires three years ago. a letter from the chief operating officer says many of our molds were missing and we have no idea who made the tireors what they put in them.
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"consumer reports" bought the tires from the website www. . >> we contacted the importer and several government agencies and unfortunately no one is owning responsibility. that leaves the consumer little recourse if something goes wrong. >> two others tested from china, and they did not perform well in the snow and ice test and scored much lower overall than the top rated michelin that costs $168. >> tires are a keep safety component of the car so we always recommend people go with the best performing tire they can afford. there is a $15 contact husband and "consumer reports"
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reports michelin ms2 for $190 and good year triple tread all and good year triple tread all season for $160 and there have been no come -- complaints about the pegassus tire. >> abc7 news continues at 630 with the top story. >> imagine waking up to a plane falling from the sky and lands right into a home overnight with details on people or passenger on board and the people on the ground. >> today could be the day san francisco approve as major makeover if one of the city's business of the streets and changes in store for van ness and the impact on drivers. taxi drivers are upset at
6:27 am
san francisco international airport and they let everyone know it. that is ahead. >> the rain totals for the first system, quarter to half an urge on the high side and two more systems coming up in the seven-day outlook. i am leyla gulen in the crash on the bay bridge which has traffic snarled as you head and san francisco and i will tell you what your travel times tell you what your travel times are when we
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, on tuesday. thanks for joining us. look how nice it was bottle it. there is a reason i will tell you why. >> you will tell us why, too. >> with, it is dry this morning. in fog. a nice commute weather-wise but not this time tomorrow with rain on the way and right now we are seeing only high clouds on live doppler hd. this is the way it looks from sutro tower a colorful sunrise developing and the clouds are getting thicker and mostly
6:31 am
cloudy by end of the afternoon but it will be dry until midnight. i will have more on that in the seven-day outlook. you saw how empty the western span of the bay bridge, all the traffic is stopped because of an accident. we have several emergency vehicles squeezing their way to get to the seen and it is blocking the second to right hand lane and that is taking on many, man minutes to the -- many minutes to get to the maze at 30 to fly minutes. >> it is not bottled up but "bottleneck." >> yes. >> a taxi protest created a late night delay at sfo but now back to remain noal. this may not be the last of the driver demonstration. amy hollyfield joins us with more. taxi drivers say they will
6:32 am
do this again if things do not start to change. they created quite a headache here last night. the drivers were mad because they say drivers who work for uber and lyft do not have to follow the same rules as taxi drivers. they say it is creating unfair competition. they blocked lanes and creates quite a backup at sfo. cab drivers complain the other drivers can pick up curb side and taxi drivers have to stage in the parking lot and they do not like that the other drivers can charge what they want and tax drivers are told what to charge. they say it has to change. >> we are protesting the special treatment given to private vehicles who use apps to evening if up passengers. taxis have apps but we are not allowed to use them. we have to wait in line. we have been doing to for decades. >> taxi drivers did not pay for the two hours they protested. they wrapped up before 11
6:33 am
o'clock but will for it again to this is what it takes and choosing a busy time area with thanksgiving around the corner next week. new this morning, uber is in hot water over allegations that it plotted to hire researchers to dig up dirt on roters and on reporters and spread details of personal lives of reporters making the comments which he thought were off the record to a buzz feed editor during a high profile dinner in new york. a only is in custody suspected of setting a trash fire in san francisco. the fire was set at 4:1 taylor and the woman was taken into custody. the trash fires were set early this morning along 5th street
6:34 am
corridor but authorities have not said if the same woman is suspected. a dramatic weakup call for residents in chicago after a small plane crashed into a home. the plane crashed into the house before 3:00 a.m. central time or 1:00 o'clock a.m. our time and the occupants of the home were not hurt and authorities say there was only a pilot on board and he has not been found. the plane crashed after taking off. big chains could -- changes could be coming to a major consider door, with a bus rapid transit project on van ness creating bus only lanes and remove left turn lanes if two miles and reduce packing. -- parking to reduce bus travel time by 30 percent when the bus only lanes open in 20189.
6:35 am
man is in expected to be in court in the hit-and-run death of a 14-year-old boy. he has a long list of prior convictions including burglary and car theft and convicted of slashing animals to death at a zoo in 1999. he hit and killed 14-year-old ivan cruz during a pursuit in san lenadro. the family of cruz is grateful. >> may ivan rest easy as we continue to struggle and fight the fact that our brother is gone and we will not see him again. >> anderson faces life in prison if convicted of murder in ivan cruz' death. the family of a san mateo woman killed by a driver who was high on drugs is speaking out. the 84-year-old woman was hit
6:36 am
and killed in a walgreen parking lot as she left the pharmacy. the woman behind the wheel, 21, was high on pot and other drugs. she had changed her mind about visiting the drive up pharmacy window and backed her van out so kickly that she ran down the woman. >> what could it be, have to wait too long, five more minutes? she backed up from this window. that is horrible. unbelievable. selfish. >> she was charged with felony d.u.i. and vehicular manslaughter. funeral services are held next week. just released report says the largest city is losing police officers at a startling pace. we have what the city is doing to address the growing concern. >> thanksgiving day backlash,
6:37 am
retailers are upset about the upcoming holiday and now are trying to do something. >> check this out, a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza after an accident on the bridge itself with more on that and weather with more on that and weather during the commercial break.
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with more on that and weather during the commercial break. first impressions are important.
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>> this is a look at eastern span of the bay bridge and we have a sig-alert because of an accident blocking two lanes at treasure island with a long string of tail lights pushing from treasure island and it is stopped. it is causing major backups through berkeley and through emeryville pushing in from 580 from oakland. right now the drive headed from the maze to san francisco is excess of 30 minutes. a couple of options: bart, all trains are running on time. ferries are a good way to get around and no delays at a.c. transit. mike? yesterday we talked how warm october was, the second warmest in 36 years with temperature measurement making history and the cold of -- warm of the placs
6:41 am
was 6.1 above average central russia. we have a four danger in southern california until 4:00 and mid-to-upper 70's in palm springs and mid-to-upper secretary elsewhere and lake tahoe is 56 but we have a winter mix which is rain tomorrow and a couple of inches at the higher elevation on dry on friday with more snow possible on saturday. mike, it is 6:41. the doctor will see you. at target? a a new medical idea to get you inside the stores. what do home depot and cost to and t.j. max and x have in common? we will look at traffic and weather during the entire commercial break with the backup at the toll plaza of the bay bridge as a result of accident near treasure island that labor committee has been -- that leyla
6:42 am
committee has been -- that leyla gulen has been
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. here is a look from emeryville camera to the eastern
6:45 am
civilian of the bay bridge with traffic barely moving toward treasure island because of a sig-alert. we have a two-car crash involving a pickup truck. c.h.p. is headed to the scene and we still have the two lanes blocked off until further notice at 35 minutes away from the maze toward san francisco. you can see all of the activity is at the opening of the tunnel as you try to make it to san francisco is we have those middle to right lanes blocked with emergency crews and fire department and tow trucks on the scene. traffic is trying to sq but it is a battle neck. thank you, leyla gulen, we will check back with her at 6:45. a just released report says the
6:46 am
number of police officers in the bay area's largest city could soon be lowered to a level not seen since the reagan administration. we looked at if you report. matt? the san jose police department has taken a big hit over the past several years in staffing levels. they are saying it will only get worse. san jose police department released numbers from a report based on the current attrition and hiring. there are 962 street-ready sworn officers with drops to 9 2015 and then in a few years down to 800 officers because of difficulty in keeping officers and employees in the communications addition. resignations is slowed from the record breaking numbers of 2012
6:47 am
officers are still residing at a rapid rate averaging three or four a month and hiring is not as planned. the goal is to have 45 recruits per academy but the last academy had only 20 graduates after a drop in crime. the police chief is expected to dress the city council later today at the city council meeting of the staffing projections and the crime trading is underway on wall street so we will look at the usually morningings showing the dow is up 26 points to 17673 kaiser permanente has teamed up to, expand health chair clinics staffed with license nurses and consultations are available over the phone by physicians. the staff target will include,
6:48 am
expanded services such as body at trick care and women's wellness. retailers are gearing up for holiday shopping but more are choosing to open thanksgiving day making the remain employees increasingly unhappy. tiffany wants to spend nothing boyfriend and his family and she is petitioning the mall management to weapon the mall closed. >> this is hard on personal and homelife. it is lard to stay positive. the mall says by opening thanksgiving it giving customer was they want. k-mart and best buy are some of other major retailers open on thanksgiving. some retailers are bucking the trend of trying to make a buck on thanksgiving and home depot tweets our stores are closed on thanksgiving and we
6:49 am
will see you early friday morning. t.j. space maxx says we will be closed to our associates can enjoy the holiday with pam and friends. we have a list of stores opened and closed on >> the western span is cleared because the bottle next is at treasure island. we had aing is alert in that area. looking to the eastern span of the bay bridge cars are not moving. this is a shot moving and you can see the activity in the middle to right lane as the crash shows emergency crews with injuries involved and major damage to the vehicles much the sig-alert is in effect until further notice with two listens taken apartment it is not the only problem across the freeways
6:50 am
with this accident, southbound nimitz, causing a little bit of a jam when you get to the san mateo bridge it is slow and you jump over and that is not where the problem stops as we get closer to san francisco airport northbound highway 101 at millbrae we have activity on the shoulder with fire crews causing delays pushing to the north. a lot to talk about so we will jump in and show you the visibility unlimited in the lower levels because of the dryoff shore wind that is blowing at less than ten american over land but 10 or 15 over the water and it is churning looking from the exploritorium waiting for the sun to breakthrough and dance through the morning sky with the high clouds and a beautiful color being created. you can see more vivid colors from sutro tower as we look to the south and east right now. we have mostly cloudy conditions
6:51 am
that will be thicker and mild temperatures, or last day are because of a chance of wet weather tomorrow and hangs around through saturday and the dry pat were runs on sunday and the warm temperatures will not. 70's in oakland and fremont and morgan hill and santa cruz and antioch and livermore and napa. upper 60's elsewhere. upper 60's elsewhere. the coat, though, is mid- low-to-mid 50's and the best chance of rain is in the north bay during the commute. now, why we need the rain, 20 percent of average and 56 in san jose, a reversal and san jose is usually the dry spot and everyone else like san francisco and oakland and moffett field is around 50 percent and livermore less than that, the high pressure is bringing us the dryoff shore wind undercutting the approaching system so during the day today it will be too dry for wet weather to reach the
6:52 am
ground. overnight, the atmosphere saturates and this system brings the rain and it will saturate the atmosphere. by 9:00 9 end of the commute we are wet and it is just ways of light showers rolling through, noon to 5:00 and it is tapering and wednesday through thursday it is quiet and 9:00 open wednesday with rain moving through the north bay and by noon moving through the heart of bay and by 4:00 it has moved out of the the south bay and this is the rain total for the first attorney up to quarter of an inch in the lower elevation and half an everyone to an inch in the mountains. we could double that with the system on thursday and we have another chance on saturday and sunday comes out sunday and monday and temperatures are stuck in the low-to-mid 60's >> we are back with seven things do know before you go. >> first, we have weather and traffic up through the entire commercial break and you can see the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza as the crash on when
6:53 am
80 around treasure island with more on the signature alert when we come back female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next? but don't wait! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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here are seven things to know today: number one, a sig-alert on the bay bridge and it looks like traffic is now moving through and it is cleared with all lanes re-opened. from the emeryville camera to
6:55 am
the eastern span traffic is getting a move on and we are at 42 minutes delay away from the maze. >> two, live doppler hd done shows the next weather system outside of our radar range and increasing high clouds today and 40's inland headed to bart and we have low-to-mid 50's elsewhere. a beautiful sunrise, with the temperatures well above average in the mid-60's at the coast to low 70's inlanders and -- inland and around the bay. >> cab drivers in san francisco say more protests could be possible because of unfair treatment they say protesting over ride sharing services uber and lyft saying the drivers with those companies get certain advantages. a new report says the san jose police department will be down to the lowest staff level in 30 years by july if it does not change. >> resignations and half full academy classes and less qualified recruits and pension
6:56 am
reductions have taken the toll. three of the four people killed in a terrorist attack in a jerusalem synagogue have been confirmed to be americans. two palestinians armed with meet two palestinians armed with meet clevers -- >> adrian peterson has been suspended without pay but we have learned he will apee the -- will appeal the decision and demand a neutral arbitrator. the bidding war begins for pablo sandoval meeting with the red sox this morning. we will try to see if we can keep him a giant. that is all we want. >> we will follow the problems >> we will follow the problems on the bay bridge
6:57 am
right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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the nest learning thermostat. welcome to a more thoughtful home. good morning, america. and breaking overnight, deadly terrorist attack. armed attackers with axes, knives and a pistol storm a packed synagogue in jerusalem, killing four as they were praying, including one american. the region on high alert. whiteout. half the country covered in snow. up to four feet in some areas. dangerous conditions for drivers, trucks jackknifing. an ambulance off the road. a reporter in the middle of the storm. >> white out conditions as we're driving, this isn't going to be easy. new this morning, a plane crashing into a home in the chicago suburbs. slamming through the roof right after taking off. neighbors woken up and rushed to rescue the family trapped inside.


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